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TruLED Rechargeable Laryngoscope Handle

The Hospital Tech’s dream, a maintenance-free stainless steel soft feel rechargeable handle

  • Indestructibly engineered from stainless steel 316 that prevents normal wear & tear caused by repeated mounting of blades
  • Guaranteed maintenance free for 5 years
  • Resistant to rust and chemicals
  • Can be autoclaved and sterilized repeatedly by all prevalent systems
  • Unique one ideal size ergonomic design with silicon cushioned grip
  • Led light source that provides bright bluish white light spectrum
  • Unique patented configuration emits uniform and focused light
  • Fits all green system blade made to ISO 7376(3) international standards
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery with latest technology, no capacity deterioration; power for over 10 hours continuous use between charges ; recharge time equals use time; RoHS compliant for banned materials
  • Tested and approved for highest UL Safety Requirements
  • Wide range of blade and set combinations available
  • Approved for use with STERRAD sterilization systems and listed in STERRAD STERILITY GUIDE
  • Patent US 8162826B2 granted on 24-April 2012
TruLED Rechargeable Laryngoscope Handle
TruLED Rechargeable Laryngoscope Handle