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The first reasonably priced MR Conditional Laryngoscope Set

  • Specially designed, lightweight low-magnetic signature Fibre Optic Laryngoscope System with brighter, whiter Xenon light
  • Distinctly identifiable gold and black blade and handle design reduces risk of incompatible equipment getting into the MRI suite
  • Distinctly affordable battery pack reduces the drain on your budget and lowers costs of replacement parts
  • New one blade + handle sets now available

Warning Statement:

The following devices were determined to be MR-conditional
according to the terminology specified in the American Society for Testing and
Materials (ASTM) International, Designation: F2503. Standard Practice for Marking
Medical Devices and Other Items for Safety in the Magnetic Resonance Environment.

  • Truphatek (Rusch) Larygoscope handle with battery (stainless steel head, Aluminum barrel, carbon-zinc battery, contact and springs are stainless steel) suitably marked
  • Truphatek (Rusch) Fiber-optic laryngoscope blades suitably marked

Non-clinical testing demonstrated that these devices are MR Conditional according to
the following conditions:
-Static magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less
-Highest spatial gradient field of 720-Gauss/cm or less

Important Note:

These devices are not intended for use during the operation of an MR system for an MR imaging procedure.